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NFL 2012 Season Preview: Win Totals + Predictions Galore!

2012 NFL Predictions 

Want to be accurate in your 2012 season predictions? Here’s my advice: start after week 1.  After observing a good amount of football this past Sunday, I’ve got a good feel for who’s who this year.

Sure, it’s an advantage over most NFL prognosticators (and let’s be honest, I’m only trying to justify it because I didn’t finish the preview on time), but here’s your guide to the 2012 NFL season. After reading this, feel free to retire to your couch for the next 5 months and watch this unfold before your eyes.

NFC East

New York Giants

  • The Giants are one of my least favorite teams. That, unfortunately, does not guarantee their failure to win 9+ games. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Rundown (Part II)

Hopefully you read Part I, where Jordan gave you his Top 5 fantasy players in 2012 along with a sleeper (Snorlax-esque).

Before we get to my Top 5 + Sleeper, here’s a little introduction to my theory about fantasy football.

It’s become tradition to play Sardines when my family gets together for summer vacation. The game is simple –

Continue reading