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Fantasy Football Rundown

For all you Fantasy Football Fans out there, my co-blogger and I decided to give you are top five fantasy players, as well as one, and only one, sleeper. And its all FREE!!! Enjoy.

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30 Days of Summer: Houston Astros

ImageI once knew a Houston Astros fan. His story is what I can only assume to be all too common among the Astros. His name was Jordan Frye. What you are about to here is (more or less) a true story.

I lived with Jordan for 2 and a half years in college. He was quiet, kept to himself mostly, eccentric, and some would say brilliant. There has never been, nor ever will be, anyone better at NHL ’06 for PS2. He drove me into fits of rage as I lost game after game, and I was no slouch. Continue reading

Quality Minutes: Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Olympics are upon us!! This can only mean one thing!! The olympic opening ceremony is upon us! Join us as we share our thoughts on the ceremony as they happen. We included our wives as they were watching with us. (They may be bigger fans of the olympics than we are.)

JW=Justin Wevers

AW=Amanda Wevers

JH=Jordan Holle

EH=Emily Holle

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30 Days of Summer: Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates





Today we’re taking a look at two teams that figure to be fighting it out in the NL Central for the rest of the season. Below you’ll find a position by position matchup along with a prediction of who will be relevant in October. Enjoy! Continue reading

NBA Offseason E-mail Exchange: the Draft and Free Agency

The NBA is on an upswing with Miami Heat-OKC Thunder showing big ratings and exciting basketball.

Then the season ended. Then 30 seconds later the draft happened (thank you lockout) and free agency began.

And we love it.

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