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30 Days of Summer: Houston Astros

ImageI once knew a Houston Astros fan. His story is what I can only assume to be all too common among the Astros. His name was Jordan Frye. What you are about to here is (more or less) a true story.

I lived with Jordan for 2 and a half years in college. He was quiet, kept to himself mostly, eccentric, and some would say brilliant. There has never been, nor ever will be, anyone better at NHL ’06 for PS2. He drove me into fits of rage as I lost game after game, and I was no slouch. Continue reading


30 Days of Summer: Minnesota Twins

For the Minnesota Twins section of this series, we decided to get the biggest Twins fan we know to write. This same man just happens to be the most superstitious fan I know, which is why I am not surprised that, for his sports blog debut, he would write an article about a possible curse. Michael Scott best summed it up when he said, “I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little bit stitious.” Aren’t we all? Ladies and gentleman, here he is, Mr. Marc Simon. Enjoy.

Continue reading

30 Days of Summer: Chicago White Sox

You guys are in for a real treat today. Besides being a full-time grad student, youth pastor, famous musician, and husband extraordinaire, he still finds time to watch baseball.  That’s right –  my boy from Illinois, Tim Ophus, agreed to write about his team, the Chicago White Sox. Enjoy.

It’s time to talk about Chicago’s fifth favorite sports franchise, coming in slightly ahead of the Wolves, Rush, Sky, and Boomers –the Chicago White Sox.  As it turns out, this year’s White Sox are legitimately good.  Continue reading