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30 Days of Summer: Kansas City Royals

Guest author Jordan Gowing, a lifelong Royals fan, is helping us out in our 30 Days of Summer series. He takes a fascinating look at a marketing campaign gone wrong. Enjoy.

According to the Mayan calendar, it’s the year our world ends.  According to Washington, it’s the pivotal election year that will essentially decide our country’s future.  According to the Royals, it is “Our time.”

Wait, what?  You’ve got to be kidding me, right?  As of today (8/17/12), the Royals are a full 14 games back in their division (which has been one of the weakest divisions in MLB history); what is all this “Our time” talk?
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30 Days of Summer: San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers (59-52) vs. Giants (60-50)



Today we’re taking a look at two teams, the Dodgers and Giants, that figure to be fighting it out in the NL West for the rest of the season. Below you’ll find a position by position matchup along with a prediction of who will be relevant in October. Enjoy!


A. Ellis .283/.398/.435  “Young Elly” is really having a breakout year and is an offensive asset.
B. Posey .328/.394/.542 Best catcher in the game? Possibly. He’s been dominating ever since he came back from injury.

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NBA Offseason E-mail Exchange: the Draft and Free Agency

The NBA is on an upswing with Miami Heat-OKC Thunder showing big ratings and exciting basketball.

Then the season ended. Then 30 seconds later the draft happened (thank you lockout) and free agency began.

And we love it.

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