NFL 2012 Season Preview: Win Totals + Predictions Galore!

2012 NFL Predictions 

Want to be accurate in your 2012 season predictions? Here’s my advice: start after week 1.  After observing a good amount of football this past Sunday, I’ve got a good feel for who’s who this year.

Sure, it’s an advantage over most NFL prognosticators (and let’s be honest, I’m only trying to justify it because I didn’t finish the preview on time), but here’s your guide to the 2012 NFL season. After reading this, feel free to retire to your couch for the next 5 months and watch this unfold before your eyes.

NFC East

New York Giants

  • The Giants are one of my least favorite teams. That, unfortunately, does not guarantee their failure to win 9+ games.
  • What will hamper their goals is the fact that everyone in their division got better, while they’ll fight through the usual clichés – lack of motivation/shorter offseason/target-on-their-backs post-Super Bowl problems.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw ≠good running game
  • Their defense gets too much attention because of the D-line, but everything else on that side of the ball is average or worse.
    • WIN/LOSS TOTAL: 8-8
    • Bonus Prediction: Eli Manning throws for 4,400 yards.

Washington Redskins

  • RG3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I’m not buying that they have a great defense.
  • I’m not a fan of the random RB-by-committee approach (unless it’s employed by Mike Shanahan)
  • Can RG3 really keep it up with Pierre Garcon as his go-to receiver? TBD.
  • So fun to watch. So many Questions. WIN/LOSS TOTAL: 6-10
  • Bonus Prediction: RGIII < Cam Newton

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Mike Vick is a faster, more experienced RG3 with better weapons at receiver, a better runningback, and a better coach.
  • The Eagles almost lost to Cleveland (!!!) who may be one of the worst teams in the league.  If I had told you that the Eagles would play Cleveland and Brandon Weeden would throw 12/35 for 118 yrds, 0 TDs and 4 INTs, what would you guess the score would be?
  • They play Baltimore in Week 2, and I have a feeling we will know a lot more about their season outlook after that game. Unfortunately, I’m making my guess now. WIN/LOSS TOTAL: 10-6 (WILDCARD)
  • Bonus Prediction: 76ers grab the 3 seed in the upcoming NBA playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Do I own a Rocket Ismail jersey? Yes, yes I do.
  • DeMarco Murray has the explosiveness that you need for a RB to actually impact the game in the passer-friendly NFL.
  • Beating the Giants is a step in the right direction, and their corners stood out to me more than anything else from that game.
  • WIN/LOSS TOTAL: 11-5
  • Bonus Prediction: The Dez Bryant rules are broken by week 11.

Stay tuned for more predictions throughout the week. Don’t be afraid to file this away so that you can make fun of me at the end of the season when the Eagles go 2-14 and the Giants win another Super Bowl.

Oh by the way, let us know what you think on our handy-dandy voting machine!


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  1. just the nfc east?

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