Fantasy Football Rundown

For all you Fantasy Football Fans out there, my co-blogger and I decided to give you are top five fantasy players, as well as one, and only one, sleeper. And its all FREE!!! Enjoy.

1)      Aaron Rodgers (QB) – This ranking is in no way affected by the fact that I am a diehard Cheesehead.  Is there anyone more guaranteed to put up elite level fantasy numbers than this guy? He is a deadly accurate quarterback who has some of the best weapons in the league around him with a head coach who has no real interest in running the football. Oh, and did I mention he consistently puts up very good rushing numbers? The only risk with Rodgers is injury, and he is no more at risk for injury than any other quarterback in the league. It’s hard for some (myself included) to accept that the best choice for number one overall is anything other than a running back, but in this case, he is the right choice.

2)      Tom Brady (QB) – See Rodgers, Aaron (Excluding rushing yards.) Look at his numbers from last year and then add Brandon Lloyd and you have a monster season. Sure, he’s getting up there in age, but he’s shown no signs of slowing as of yet so ride it out with Brady until the wheels fall off.

3)      Ray Rice (RB) – I hate making arguments that are not backed up by numbers, but Ray Rice just seems like he touches the ball every single time the Ravens snap it. Doesn’t it seem that way? He’s been healthy. He proved last year that he can score touchdowns. No other running back is as big a part of his team’s offense like Ray Rice and that makes Ray a safe pick as well as a pick with big upside. Running backs come with a lot of risk, so if you take one with your top pick, play it safe and take Ray.

4)      Arian Foster (RB) – If you just showed me his numbers without telling me his name, I probably would have put him ahead of Ray Rice. That being said, he just bugs me. He hasn’t really had a history of injury besides early last year, so it isn’t that.  He plays on a team that loves to run, so it isn’t that. He averaged the most points per game of any RB last year, so it has nothing to do with the numbers. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because his name is Arian, which sounds the same as Aryan, which makes me think of Hitler, which makes me think Arian Foster may be evil. In fact, the numbers are the only thing that kept me from leaving him off this list completely! Aryan is just lucky he is so good.

5)      Calvin Johnson (WR) – This year’s class of wide receivers seems to be especially deep, so you may be wondering why one made the top 5. You’ve heard of ranking players in tiers right? It’s a good way to develop a draft strategy and put together a plan of how to draft by position. When it comes to wide receivers, it’s Megatron at tier one by himself….and the next 5 tiers are blank. Then you have Larry Fitzgerald and a bunch of relative chumps, but it doesn’t matter. He is just that much better than anyone around him. If you draft him, you will be able to say, without question, that you dominate at the wide receiver position in your matchup every single week.

Sleeper: Rashad Jennings (RB) – The situation with MJD is an absolute mess and the sides seem to be getting further apart. Meanwhile, Jennings is going very late in drafts and word is he is looking great. Yes, he missed all of last year with injury, but this is a team that is going to run the ball a lot and even if MJD ends his holdout, all those carries have to take a toll at some point. MJD is too small and has taken too much punishment the last few years to stay healthy much longer. Rashad Jennings is going to see the field one way or another and I’m betting he will take advantage.


3 responses to “Fantasy Football Rundown

  1. Nice work, fellas. Good luck. I’m pretty sure I am excluded because my email was missing my phone number, but I hold out hope anyway.

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